We are a Petroleum & Petrochemical Products Trading company with diversified product ranges with clients & customers spread across GCC, South Africa, Fareast and Asian countries riding a journey to excellence.

Our Vision

    We envisage dynamic and sustainable growth thru innovation targeting the prosperity and well-being of our company & staff and to contribute to UAE’s ever-growing economy.

Our Mission

    We are determined to implement our Vision through sustainable growth driven by sincere market approach respecting and satisfying our clients’ and customers’ requirement while safeguarding health, safety and the environment.


Over 20 years experience
in industry

We have affirmed strong roots in the trade of petroleum and petrochemical products in across the region.

Receiving Indian international business Excellency award from former central minister syed shahnawaz hussian on sep 2019 in Dubai.



    The decade witnessed preeminent as well as sharp declining phenomenon for oil market which had its brilliant and equally untoward impacts on oils business. Due to the ever volatile oil prices and the subsequent market imbalances, many of the oil dealers and traders happened to be insolvent.

Though we underwent such consequences of ups and downs, our consistent careful strides directed us to survive and continue in the market with our unwavering presence, by God’s grace.

Our activities comprise of primarily sourcing oils products from local and GCC markets, storing in our collective 10,000 MT storage facilities located at Al Jurf Ajman and re-sell to the local & international markets with retail and bulk quantities.

Our products are including gasoil(local), fuel oils, cutter stock, petrochemical products, base oils, bitumen and derivatives etc.

We have large sources of clients and customers and we are endeavoring efforts to further diversify and expand our business to more target audiences in Domestic and International markets for which adequate fund is necessary. Towards this end, we solicit one competent Investor who can fund and involve with us in the business. In-spite-of all the unfavorable financial crisis and market trends, well planned forecast coupled with efforts to attain economies-of-scale with the assistance of hands-on experience surely will bring forth ultimate triumph.

We welcome challenges, objectives and targets for the years to come which will in turn motivate us scale greater heights while maintaining excellence with client and customer satisfaction. May God enable us in our endeavor.

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